Dec 14


8 December 2014
Craving a healthy beverage? Matcha is the tasty tonic of choice for Zen Buddhists. Packed with goodness and bursting with health benefits, matcha (also referred to as “that amazing green thing”), is a refreshingly sweet source of energy and nutrition. Supped daily by devout Buddhists across the globe, matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves. After hand-picking only the finest buds, tea farmers crumble and de-vein the leaves for a purer taste before stone-grinding into a beautifully bright, green powder. This is the same vivid green matcha we brew with at The Black Penny. A small spoon of the potent powder is whisked with a zigzag motion into boiled water, producing a deep, sweet tea packed with powerful antioxidants. To make a matcha latte, just add milk, like we have in the image above. We hope you enjoy matcha as much as your body will. Fun Fact: While matcha originates from the Tang Dynasty, Western Chefs have been know to combine its unique flavour with cheesecake, swiss roll, and other sweet treats.

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