Jan 16


21 January 2016
A taste of “The Black Mountain” at The Black Penny We’re excited to announce we have teamed up with Speyside Distillery, a boutique producer of luxury malt whiskies based in the Highlands, to serve Beinn Dubh, a brand new single malt ruby black whisky. A shot of this uniquely dark whiskey will be added to any coffee (at your request at the cost of 1p) between 10am and 12 noon, from Monday to Friday until the end of January. “Beinh Dubh” translates as “Black Mountain,” in homage to the whisky’s ruby black tone and the rich darkness of the Scottish highlands it hails from. Beinh Dubh complements both dark and light coffees; its deep fruits, currants and dark chocolate top notes blend delicately with the subtle fruit and deep cocoa flavours of our Alchemy Opus beans – while providing a lively contrast to the bright, fruity tang of the Alchemy Opus we use for milkier coffees such as lattes and flat whites. Who’d have thought a touch of the Scottish Highlands could warm you up in the morning?

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