The first wave of coffee shops to arrive in England were as much about signifying a revolutionary movement as they were a place of comfort. Everyone was welcome in the Coffee House. Whether you were an aristocrat or a street hustler, all you needed was a penny, and so ever since, the traditional term for coffee shops has been Penny Universities.
The word "coffee" entered the English language in 1582 via the Dutch ‘koffie,’ borrowed from the Turkish ‘kahve.’ Europe started its great love affair with coffee when Ozdemir of Pasha set sail across the Black Sea with a hold full of coffee seeds. Before long, the love for coffee had spread from the Sultans and their Queens to every corner of Turkish society and beyond.
From here The Black Penny was born... We love fresh coffee, so we guarantee your coffee beans are always freshly picked and prepared prior to arriving in our stores. Our professional baristas then prepare each coffee speciality to order.

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